</br><center>Test Lead/ Configuration Manager</center>

Test Lead/ Configuration Manager

  • Job Description

    • Test leader (1/2 time role):  Our test team is in another location and is fully self-contained.  However, we need someone to guide and monitor that team.  I have a senior engineer on our team who understands what needs to be done and can provide guidance, but he is too busy to do this role himself.
    • Configuration manager (1/2 time role):  This includes making sure our build and release process is followed and that all of our code is structured properly.  It also includes making sure that our change request process is followed and that our JIRA tickets are following the lifecycle correctly.   We already have a system set up that is working, but code has a way of getting in the wrong branches or getting sent around via e-mail without someone providing oversight.  Our automated build system also needs ongoing adjustments.  We have someone in this role now who is moving to a different role.  We do have other engineers who can assist with some of the build system changes, but we need a single point of contact and responsibility for the configuration manager.  This is a technical role that requires understanding the software and what needs to be delivered when and helping to prioritize features and making decisions.  Part of this role will also be to be the first reviewer for code pull requests.
  • Requirements

    • Minimum 5 years engineering experience
    • Experience writing MISRA-compliant software
    • Experience in automotive embedded systems, software only is fine; hardware is a plus
    • Knowledge of SW system synthesis, analysis, and verification techniques
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Configuration management
    • Experience working with automated build systems
    • Experience with Atlassian tools

    For more information, contact us at office@purequad.com.