Rich expertise in multiple technologies:





We successfully engage in implementing a wide variety of software solutions:

Web Applications

Database management systems

Content Management Systems


Cloud-enabled solutions (Amazon and Azure)


PureQuad strives at building solutions while building relationships as we know they always go together. When we work with you on any activity, we first identify your business needs and priorities, learn your culture, adapt to your language and then we offer you the specialized skills that make productive teams and successful projects.

Our processes, tools and best practices streamline development and apply automation and accelerators that increase the productivity and quality of software development, accelerating the delivery of high quality business applications with fewer defects, less rework and lower cost.

With broad technology skills across all major platforms and technologies, we develop software applications that cost you less to build and less to run over their lifetime.

The services it offers include:

  • Direction Setting

    Analysis and audits of existing applications in Java, .Net and SharePoint, Proofs of Concepts and facilitation of workshops to shape new solutions

  • Custom Development

    Architecture & development of custom Java, .Net and SharePoint applications based on Open Source frameworks(e.g. web applications, portals)

  • Project Development Infrastructure Setup

    Encompassing automated testing, continuous integration and code reviews

  • Training

    covering topics such as Java enterprise, automated testing, Git and development infrastructure optimization, etc.

Our preferred SDLC methodology: Agile is our preferred SDLC methodology, simply because the product owner (through key users’ feedback) is in the heart of the process adding valuable business functionalities and removing useless functions at development time, increasing responsiveness and effectivity in the development life cycle.
Besides that, we have proven experience developing applications using the methodology.

Code version control: We use the latest industry standards (Git, SVN). For project based on Microsoft technologies we also use TFS.


PureQuad has a long history in implementing Java-project based on JBoss-Technologies. Its Java Center of Excellence include consultants specialised in Java Enterprise development, certified in Java EE, Oracle and JBoss
With various projects from security & encryption domains, PureQuad has earned an enviable reputation in the industry. To develop Java based applications that provide a rich user experience, PureQuad favours using:

  • An AGILE and collaborative approach that combines input from key users with the skills and advice of UX experts to develop compelling user interfaces in an interactive fashion

  • The latest open source technologies (Google.maps API, angular.js, D3.js)

  • Distributed application architecture technologies (Spring, Tomcat, JBoss, node.js, MySQL, MongoDB)

  • The latest tests libraries and test automation frameworks (Jasmine, Mockito, Arquilian) for healthy code

  • Platforms that provide continuous integration (using Jenkins, Bamboo)

  • Code versioning tools (Git, SVN) to help maintaining different versions of the code base

Other details:

  • Depending on the technical stack we might use and the authentication provider at client site (LDAP, OpenID, Active Directory) we decide on the technology to choose for architecting visualisation solutions for public usage (without log-in) and for internal users (through secured log-in)

  • In past experiences, Spring Security has been a straightforward solution for high security websites (Example 12Co, Switzerland – suite of encryption applications for web and mobile platforms).

  • In some other projects, we used to use JAAS API in conjunction with client’s LDAP system.

  • In all projects we use a JEE industry standard: JPA implemented by Hibernate. Following JEE patterns, we developed DAOs encapsulating logic to recover the underlying data from the different DBs. Some other data was also got from SOAP Web Services (part of JEE stack)


PureQuad focuses on SharePoint-based Portal and Collaboration solutions, Application Lifecycle Management, the Windows Azure Platform for cloud services and a full range of traditional .Net products.

We hold the following Microsoft competencies / expertise:

  • Portal and Collaboration (i.e. SharePoint based solutions)

  • Business Intelligence

  • Custom Development

  • Data Management

  • MS CRM Dynamics

  • Mobility Solutions

  • Application Lifecycle Management

  • Azure Solutions

Our 5 key focus areas that are key to a successful SharePoint implementation:

  • Infrastructure

    A good infrastructure properly sized and configured is a foundation of a successful implementation. The right farm topology has to be put in place considering the project requirements. Different environments for integration testing, quality, pre-production and production are as well mandatory for a delivery that follows the best practices, processes and methodologies.

  • Solutions

    The setup of a solution that meets business requirement, giving priority to OOB functionalities and in harmony with the technology been used is another pillar of success.

  • Customizations

    Customizations are often required to meet client needs but they should be implemented only when it’s not possible to achieve the same with OOB functionalities and they must be implemented considering maintainability, performances and all the SharePoint peculiarities.

  • Security

    A right security model must be put in place considering the maintainability, performances and of course the requirements.

  • Troubleshooting

    In every project comes the time of troubleshooting. Experienced SharePoint teams from PureQuad can identify issues and solve them in very short time.

Our past or current engagements for several multinational clients are covering different types of SharePoint projects:

  • Migrations

  • Assessments

  • Enterprise Social

  • Site Provisioning

  • Custom Solution development

  • Third party solution analysis

  • Enterprise Search

  • OOB configuration

Key roles/profiles that are needed within a SharePoint or Java development project:

  • Business Analyst

    A fundamental role to define the client needs and expectations (the business requirements, Functional and non-functional requirements, Data models, etc.

  • UX Expert

    We believe in the importance of the User eXperience. UX can really make the difference when it comes to user adoption.

  • Project Manager

    This role is fundamental for managing all project phases (from initiation and up to closure), managing the risks, managing the stakeholders and ensuring the delivery is done to the expected level of quality in time and budget.

  • Solution Architect

    His role is to define the right architecture for the solution that will meet business requirements.

  • Technical Lead

    His role is to lead the developer’s team, assigning tasks, providing guidance and delivering the final solution.

  • Developer

    A good team of developers “Regional” or “Off-shore” that can scale depending on the project needs is another mandatory resource for a project.

  • Testing Team

    A testing team is important as well, to provide a validation/ extensive test of all the functionalities provided as part of the solution (More details in the QA section of services).