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The core business of the QA Solutions Unit is software testing. Our certified software testing professionals provide expertise in test management, test planning, functional, non functional (Security, Performance, Usability, pseudo-localization (internationalization aspects of software), desktop and mobile, multi-browser, manual and automated testing.
Their most important testing duties are in information technology systems related to airline, telecommunications, luxury goods, medical and IT sectors, where they typically carry out testing throughout all the project life-cycle: from gathering requirements phase, system test, integration tests and up to user acceptance testing (UAT).


  • Risk based testing

  • ISTQB best practices

  • Manual and Automated Testing

  • Functional and Non Functional Testing

  • Desktop and Mobile Testing

  • Dedicated Testing Team


  • Jira, Zephyr, Bugzilla, Testopia, HP ALM

  • Selenium, HP LoadRunner, HP QTP Python, Java


  • Guaranteed testing coverage using professional testers

  • Outsourced, cost effective testing

  • Solution scalable to your business requirements

  • Consistent level of service from a nearshore professional testing team


Either a formal testing in the form of test scripts & tests plans that are normally performed as User Acceptance Testing. This is required by some of our clients who, for compliance purposes, require that we adopt their development methodology. When using this approach, PureQuad develops functional specifications that are based on use case with detailed scenarios for each use case. Much of this documentation can then be leveraged for developing test scripts which essentially are almost identical to the scenarios described in the functional specifications. This approach reduces the effort in developing test scripts and it also ensures that the test plans cover all of the functionality of an application.

Testing integrated within an agile approach adopted for the project. As example many of the PureQuad consultants are certified for SCRUM where testing forms an integral part of the sprints that make up the evolutionary design of an application As client environments cannot always be set-up for pure SCRUM methods, PureQuad has evolved its own hybrid form of SCRUM which enables to combine elements of a waterfall approach with those of an agile system. With this hybrid approach, user testing can be included (in a controlled manner) during the development phase to ensure that customer feedback can be gathered and incorporated earlier into the design of an application


</br><center>Test Analyst</center>

Test Analyst

  • Review the test requirements and functional / technical specs
  • Designing test scenarios / cases
  • Ensure the test coverage
  • Test case execution
  • Update status of tests for statistics
  • Defect management
</br><center>Program Test Manager</center>

Program Test Manager

  • Oversees multiple projects
  • Resourcing across projects according to need/schedule
  • Verifying consistent test approach across all projects
  • Client relationship management
  • Escalation point
  • Steering committee member
  • Developing the program strategy focused on client satisfaction / time to market
</br><center>Test Manager</center>

Test Manager

  • Day-to-day running of test team
  • Managing the stand-up meetings (daily scrum)
  • Daily reporting
  • Defect review / management
  • Management of testing tools
  • Organization of all project test phases
</br><center>Test Lead</center>

Test Lead

  • Managing the team of test analysts near-shore (only in 100% near-shore model or for large teams)
  • Participating in test scope definition and requirements review
  • Reporting daily / weekly to the test manager
  • Participating in the defect triage meetings
  • Building the functionality matrix
  • Reviewing the test scenarios / cases
  • Monitoring the test case execution