• Job Description

    We are looking for highly innovative and passionate engineers to join our software team that is developing advanced software components for next generation automotive systems. Projects are targeted for next generation platforms on Gateway and Autonomous Drive. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/autonomous-driving-levels-0-to-5-understanding-the-differences

  • Requirements

    To ensure your successful performance in this role, the following work experience is needed:

    · Advanced C Programming
    · Linux Programming
    · Experience debugging hardware and low level software (device drivers, real-time OS etc.)
    · Experience with source control (GIT) and change control tools.
    · It will be considered a plus to have knowledge of ARM Architecture and assembly
    · Good command of English (speaking & writing)

    The following skills are considered a plus:
    · Knowledge of Linux Kernel Programming
    · Knowledge of specific automotive applications
    · Knowledge of ARM Architecture and assembly
    · Experience debugging hardware and low level software (device drivers, real-time OS etc.
    · Knowledge of Linux networking stacks and drivers

    Successful candidates will become expert in Automotive software development and proficient with Automotive standards as well as learn the basics of Automotive applications and next generation trends.

    Specific to Linux projects, they will do upstreaming and become known in the Open Source community, face the challenges and opportunities which appear when you build a Linux based operating system that runs in a car and take part in the implementation of Linux BSPs for ADAS (Advance Driving and Assurance Systems) including Vision and Autonomous Drive

    For more information, contact us at office@purequad.com.