</br><center>Software Engineer - Automotive ADAS Vision Products - AI</center>

Software Engineer - Automotive ADAS Vision Products - AI

  • Job Description

    We are looking for an embedded engineer to join our software team developing advanced software components for next generation ADAS and autonomous drive systems.

    By joining our Bucharest team, you will be part of a worldwide, high performance and enthusiastic software development team in a pleasant work environment.

    You will be working closely with leading car manufacturers on the definition and implementation of solutions for the 2025 autonomous cars, focusing on vision processing – specifically artificial intelligence.

  • Requirements

    To ensure success in this role, you need the following experience:

    At least 3 years of C/C++ embedded programming experience (embedded C/C++, low level software)

    Understanding of convolutional neural network components

    Understanding of processor architecture concepts

    English proficiency

    Any of the followings are considered pluses:

    Image-related signal processing knowledge

    Exposure to any of OpenCL/OpenVX/Cuda

    Experience on (GP)GPU architectures

    Exposure to Neon extension of ARM

    What an Inception network is and why GooLeNet is spelled like this

    Experience in programming a coprocessor-like accelerator

    Fixed-point arithmetic

    Debugging skills for embedded targets

    Experience with RTOS or Linux driver programming

    For more information, contact us at office@purequad.com.