</br><center>DevOps Engineer- Banking Project</center>

DevOps Engineer- Banking Project

  • Job Description

    • need to understand the Software Development Lifecycle
    • you must have the understanding of various automation tools for developing digital pipelines (CI/ CD pipelines)
    • you will be responsible for implementing DevOps and  achieving automation & orchestration of tools, will help to migrate team to best practices CD/CI with full automation where applicable
    • perform the management steps of the software delivery process, ensuring that all requirements (including approvals) are met at each stage of the process
    • will work for each new DevOps project with stakeholders and clients to identify and clarify technical requirements from the Infrastructure/development/ testing  point of view from the beginning until it is transferred to Operational (Ops); will collaborate with developers, testers and infrastructure engineers
    • will create the scripts for automatic deployment of the infrastructure and developments in a cloud environment , according to the requirements of the project and the agreed deployment tool
    • you will provide presentations to the teams that will operate in OPS
  • Requirements

    • minimum 1 year in CI/CD pipeline automation
    • minimum 3 years in IT projects
    • Tools/ software knowledge & competencies:
    • Jenkins – Automation server, with plugins built for developing CI/ CD pipeline
    • Ansible – Configuration Management and Deployment
    • Containerization technologies such as Docker and OpenShift/Kubernetes
    • Git and GitHub – Source code management (Version Control System)
    • Artifactory – Artifacts repository
    • experience supporting Java applications

    For more information, contact us at office@purequad.com.